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The program is designed for drivers who want to improve their driving skills and learn how to drive a car confidently and safely. Intended: 🚗 For drivers who have a license and experience, but want to raise their driving skills to a higher level. 🚗 Very recommended for drivers who have already acquired a driver's license, but do not feel confident behind the wheel. 🚗 Also for drivers with little driving experience, or drivers who have not driven a car for a long time. LESSON PROGRAM: *Skills of various types of acceleration and braking, *Maneuvering in narrow spaces, *Movement and maneuvering in reverse with mirror control, *Parallel parking, *Reverse parking, *Entry into the garage, *U-turn, K-turn *Correct distribution of attention when parking, *Avoiding unexpected obstacles itc. Total: 10 lessons, 1 lesson = 1 hour Lessons are held in a closed area, which makes it possible to train your driving skills in a safe environment! The cost of DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE is $999 on your own car, $1499 on a company car.

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